I Want Secret Rooms

John asked Anna, my daughter, “What don’t you want for Christmas?” He asked me, “If our house was a theme park, what would it be?

“Anna answered, “Cattle prod.”  I answered, “A research and making things place  and many books, tools, and tables and I want secret rooms; lots of them.”

One day, as John drove us home from Fred Meyer, I glanced up at a small two story house. The two wide windows upstairs were not draped and I could see the inside walls of each clearly as we drove by. The thin outside walls of each room formed an outside walls of the old house. Those outside walls were solid and went straight down into a flower bed and could not have been insulated, they were too thin.

But, inside of each of those upper rooms within each of those outside walls I SAW A DOOR.  A door to what? Lath and plaster?  Now I want secret rooms and invisible ones too. nancymauerman.com

House On Wheels - Framed - Click Here To View Larger

House On Wheels – Framed – Click Here To View Larger

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