Crickets in My Hildegard Bath Tub.

When crickets grow too big for my anole lizards I either put them outside, in my Hildegard of Bingen bathtub or the large ginger jar on top of my refrigerator.
In the jar they live under egg cartons and kiwi branches with fish flakes, oatmeal, and cotton soaked in water and sing to John and I.
In Hildegard’s tub they are a cat adventure.
Hildegard, born 1098 A D, is one of my heroes, not because she’s a woman (which I am) nor because she’d Catholic (which I’m not) but because she’s a singer, composer of music and lyrics (still enjoyed today),a profound visionary, an artist, she was a diplomat, and especially because she is a person who believes that in following Christ’s teachings carefully we can gain great freedom, joy, and celebration of life. I’ve painted the outside of my tub with long red ladders leading up into high windows in the clouds, an image symbolizing her influence in my life. (yes I’m aware I’ve mixed my adverbial tenses). Thank you for reading.

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