Moses In Bulrushes And The Pigeon

John has been feeding a local family of crows for years and knows their voices. Recently when the guy two houses down the street, adopted six pigeons these six were sort of adopted by our crows. Bush tits are one upped by sparrows, that are preempted  by starlings, that have to leave when the crows arrive, and they in turn stand down leaving table scraps and bread to the gulls; but the crows and pigeons eat together, if but a little scrappy.

Last week a speeding car hit a pigeon, carrying it off on its front grill and the crow who’d been eating with it cried. John knows its voice; it cried like that a couple of years ago when one of the three in his family of crows, was struck and killed. The scriptures tell us God is aware when the crows and pigeons die and must have howled when the king of Egypt caused all baby boys under two died. Mose’s Mom had an idea and hide him away and floated him down the river, to the place the princess played every day. Mose’s sister watched over his floating and can be seen in the lower left. At the middle top the princess hears a whimper.

Moses In Bulrushes - Framed - Click Here To View Larger Image

Moses In Bulrushes – Framed – Click Here To View Larger Image

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