High Art Causes Eastanomical Reflection

This is a picture of a dress I’d like to wear and the power of reflection. The background figure is reflected in a pool and the frame is encrusted with plastic reflectors. Some people ask if I have a theme in mind before I paint. Almost never. But afterwards when I reflect on my current thoughts and activities at the time voila there it is.

My frame of mind should be of no interest to you unless you want to know me better. I’d rather have you know yourself. If a picture grabs you ask why. After all, everybody’s favorite topic is themselves. It should be; we’re not accountable for the fame, failure, joy, or sorrow of anyone but ourselves.

Let’s say your mother drove home from the store, grabbed groceries then feel down in the driveway. When she stood up you saw the most remarkable thing! An entire bag or oranges was smashed flat and stuck to her front looking exactly like this picture. This is a yummy memory because she laughed too but now she’s dead killed in a tragic traffic accident. So, you love this painting.

Dig around inside and discover why YOU like certain pictures. Reflect. nancymauerman.com

Eastanomically Nutty - Framed

Eastanomically Nutty – Framed


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