Don’t Like Housework? I’ve Got THE Solution

Hate housework? I have a cure: write a book!

This is similar to curing a stubbed toe with a hammer. But this a cure I’ve actually known people to use. Writers sometimes sit before a screen while crazy zipknoters run back and for inside their skulls saying, “Think of something. Think of something. This isn’t working.” “Those words sound nice but they don’t mean anything.” or, “Why did you ever think you could write?” “How can I get this done on time?” “These are the best three pages I’ve ever written but I have to throw them out to make the plot work!” “Oh boy, this entire section should be in the third chapter not the sixth, the whole book should be in third person not first, and the syntex is sloppy!” or this is the zipknocker message most heard,”This is too much.  I’d rather do ANYTHING else!   I know.   I’ll do the dishes!   Problem solved.”

By the way don’t bother looking ‘zipknocker’ up in the dictionary. Writing at times can be like having four or more spots of doom hanging over your head, see picture below.

 3 Spots

3 Spots

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